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It's been a while

Queue the drum rolls...

We've been waiting to show you this for 2 months or so and the time to reveal all is finally here. We (Drew from The Last Years and I) collaborated on a song together that we think is pretty darn good.

It mixes his great ear for a catchy melody (and his distinctive voice) with some deep bass and synth low end from me. It came together really well and even though we are a literal ocean apart whilst we wrote this, it felt natural and totally unforced. In essence, a proper collaborative process.

It's crazy to think that in the "new normal" of 2020 into 2021, even hanging out in a studio with fellow musicians is off limits. Luckily modern technology allows us to have a virtual meeting of minds instead.

We're really excited to share this and we'd both love to know what you think of it

Life and Time is released on Jan 29th 2021 on Retro Reverb Records

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