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Queue the drum rolls...

We've been waiting to show you this for 2 months or so and the time to reveal all is finally here. We (Drew from The Last Years and I) collaborated on a song together that we think is pretty darn good.

It mixes his great ear for a catchy melody (and his distinctive voice) with some deep bass and synth low end from me. It came together really well and even though we are a literal ocean apart whilst we wrote this, it felt natural and totally unforced. In essence, a proper collaborative process.

It's crazy to think that in the "new normal" of 2020 into 2021, even hanging out in a studio with fellow musicians is off limits. Luckily modern technology allows us to have a virtual meeting of minds instead.

We're really excited to share this and we'd both love to know what you think of it

Life and Time is released on Jan 29th 2021 on Retro Reverb Records

  • The Subtheory

It's the most wonderful time of the year - so says the popular song of old. This is true to a degree although being honest we'll probably all admit that things feel very different this year. Even the most ardent fan of yuletide can be feeling less than enthusiastic yet conversely the Grinch himself might be decking his halls with bells and holly!

What better way to kick off my shiny new blog than with a December newsletter which also serves as a bit of catch up on my 2020.

2020 release recap

Download link below

Remember November 2019 when we all laughed at the Blade Runner memes about post-apocalyptic worlds that seemed a million miles away from where we currently were? Then 2020 happened.

Wherever you are, whatever your situation or view on life, you can’t argue that this year and its unprecedented events hasn’t affected you in some way or another. This was the year the world stayed home - or should have anyway…

It’s really been a historic and turbulent 12 months. We just need Gojira and Rodan to turn up to complete the set.

In a weird way, this has turned out to be a momentous year for me as an artist. I found inspiration and made the most of this forced retreat, and if I can humble-brag a little bit, I’m really happy with the results of it.

We learned that lockdown didn’t fully silence live music and I really enjoyed playing live where and how we could this year.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making a difficult year much brighter. I hope that your upcoming holiday season is full of joy and I look forward with hope that we’ll see each other again in 2021!

Stay safe!

Dec 2020 newsletter
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