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MUSIC - Andy Hill

WORDS - Cate Debu

RECORDED & MIXED - Shaken Oak Studios




Every day
New reflections stay
Don’t hold them still
Let them move away

I can see my eyes in your eyes looking in through the lines
Of your mind in between what’s real
I can feel your breath on my side
What’s inside of your mind?

Every day is fresh, new and you are waiting there to see
What we’ll be and I can see
Your eyes in my eyes
Reflections stay

Every day
Your reflection stays
Every day
Don’t move away
One day at a time, then we’ll cross a line into
Water stone and brick the little things that tell me
You’ve heard and will fabricate our lies into lives
Our lies, into lives
it’ll free me
it’ll be you
it’ll be us
every day

every day
new reflections stay
don’t hold them still
let me them move away
it’ll be us
every day
it’ll be us
every day

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