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The Subtheory LIVE

A place to view previous and upcoming live performances

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Upcoming live shows


Feb 17th - Port Mahon, Oxford

March 1st  - WMF @ The Part and Parcel, Witney

July 6th  - Strummer Room, Banbury

Previous live shows


Aug - Fiddlers Elbow, London

Sep - Lovedot Festival, Ducklington

Sep - Langdale Arena, Witney

Nov - Elm Tree, Witney

Dec - Jericho Tavern, Oxford

Dec - Elm Tree, Witney


Jan - Riverside Rhythms @ The Part and Parcel, Witney

March 9th - The Bullingdon, Oxford

April 13th - The Bullingdon, Oxford

May 6th - Jericho Tavern, Oxford

May 14th - Fat Lils, Witney

May 28th - Witney Pride, Witney

May 28th - Hooked on, Witney

June 1st - Witney Music Festival, Witney

June 2nd - Jubilee Festival, Abingdon

June 17th - TAD live, Bicester

July 8th - Cornbury Festival, Great Tew

July 28th - Green Rooms, Witney

Aug 6th - Elm Tree, Witney

Aug 14th - The Bullingdon, Oxford

Sep 11th - The Fleece, Bristol

Oct 6th - The Library, Oxford

Oct 13th - Thunderbolt, Bristol

Nov 19th - Oxford City Festival, Oxford

Nov 25th - Fat Lils, Witney

Dec 11th - Jericho Tavern, Oxford


Jan 28th - Elm Tree, Witney

Feb 17th - The Gunners, London

Feb 24th - Fat Lils, Witney

May 13th - Fat Lils, Witney

June 10th - Witney Music Festival, Witney



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